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PVC Spray Hose
PVC Spray Hose High pressure PVC spray hoses are mainly used in agricultural spraying pesticides and high pressure cleaners, construction machinery, industrial production of high pressure water, air or other liquids.  High pressure PVC spray hose, air hose, washing machine hose, intermediate braided single-layer or multi-layer wire produced by PVC material, Korean production technology, ensuring strong kneading between layers, and the product is durable. The specifications, length and color of the high pressure spray hose can be produced according to customer requirements. 1.Please make the hose as far as possible when we use the PVC spray hose. Do not tie the hose. 2. Do not touch the fire during use hose to avoid danger. PVC material Using the excellent PVC rubber particles independently developed by ourselves, so we product the pvc spray hose that are different with the similar products from the market. Strong adhesion between inner and outer layers, free bending without creases, no deformation, no delamination More performance Cold, light, transparent and flexible The hose has good weather resistance, it is not soft in summer, it is not hard in winter, and it is easy to handle when working. Operating temperature -5°c to +65°c (+23°f to +149°f) Copper double joint The high quality copper is not rusted on the street, and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, long life and 360 degree rotation. With 2 taps: One internal thread; an external thread.
PVC Garden Hose
PVC garden hose are also known as garden to PVC hose, garden water hose, garden irrigation hose, PVC garden cleaning hose, watering garden hose, etc., PVC garden hose is designed for gardening, cleaning and general hose around the home or garden work. Application: PVC garden hose is widely used to irrigate gardens, trees and parks, communist centers, factories and home washes. Features: The PVC garden hose is easy to use, thick-walled design, different colors, Anti-UV and Anti-abrasion, long service life, available in all lengths, you can use it in all day. This garden hose is available in a variety of nozzles, fittings and hose reels. Temperature Range:-5°C-65°C Compact, lightweight and durable This PVC garden hose is very lightweight and compact, You can exercise on the terrace and deck during the cool months and it is easy to store in the garage. Made from new materials, this hose is not only extremely durable, but also not easily twisted, it can help you keep the lush flower beds, lawns and gardens without going back and forth to straighten the hose. About accessories 1. The coupling is made of pressure-resistant lead-free aluminum, which can withstand daily use and can be stepped on or crushed with gardening equipment. 2. Hose armor: Our patented hose armor prevents faucets from kinking. 3. High performance burst strength: The hose has burst strength and heavyweight reinforcement in the high pressure area to provide additional durability.
PVC Suction Hose
PVC Suction Hose PVC suction hose, is also called corrugated hose, helix suction hose, etc. Most of them are made of rigid PVC plastic ribs, and the pipe wall is made of wear-resistant PVC material. Temperature range: -5°C to +65°C The PVC suction hose is made of high-quality PVC synthetic material with a rigid plastic spiral frame, the inner and outer walls are smooth and the bending radius is small, which has good negative pressure resistance. The material is rich in anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet radiation materials and has high aging resistance. The inner wall of the hose is smooth, bright, soft and wear-resistant. It is a good product for ventilation, water, ventilation, no dust accumulation, and no water accumulation. Features: (1) Light weight, PVC skeleton part (ribs), (2) Good weather resistance, the hose is not affected by any season in spring, summer, autumn and winter; (3) small bending radius, bending freely; (4) good negative pressure resistance, There is no phenomenon of sucking, breaking, delamination, etc. in the PVC suction hose; (5) There are lots of the material in the hose, such as anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet radiation, so the PVC hose has far more aging resistance than the ordinary tube, and the service life is several times than the ordinary PVC spiral pipe. The surface is smooth, lustrous, easy to bend, resistant to deformation, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, and resistant to freezing and cracking. Uses: PVC suction hose is used for urban life water supply, sewage, farmland irrigation, coal mines, oil fields, marine equipment and other mechanical and electrical equipment. It is also used for water pumping, chemical gas, water, water pump and air conditioning. Applications: Suction pipes, solids such as dust, powder, fibers, chips and granules; gaseous and liquid media, vacuum cleaners, conveyor systems, blowers and compressors, food and pharmaceutical industries, chemical industry; air conditioning and ventilation equipment, etc. .
PVC Briaded Hose
PVC braided hose are mainly used for liquid transportation. The hose has the characteristics of non-toxic, transparent, pressure resistance, tensile resistance, acid and alkali resistance, beautiful appearance, softness, lightness and durability. It can be widely used in the transportation of air, gas, oil and other liquid. Structure: 1. PVC braided hose is a transparent hose with inner and outer walls of soft PVC and intermediate reinforcing layer of polyester fiber. The product is durable, flexible in operation and long in life. 2. The inner layer is made of polyvinyl chloride with antibacterial treatment. When there is water in the tube and it is not used for a long time, there is no fungus or moss will be produced in the hose . The middle layer is woven with multiple fibers to resist higher water pressure. The outer layer is made of UV-resistant UV-resistant polyvinyl chloride, which will not crack in the sun. 3.Excellent technology, strong adhesion between inner and outer layers, no deformation under pressure, no crease after any discount, no delamination. Product features: 1. PVC braided hose made of high quality PVC material, the hose is clean and transparent, and the fluid in the hose can be seen. 2. The hose body is flexible, which is convenient for assembly and piping work. 3. It is stronger than normal polyester mesh hose and has longer service life. PVC braided hose Applicable temperature: -5 ° C -65 ° C Using of PVC braided hose: This product is an ideal hose for water supply, gas and oil for industrial, agricultural, fishery, construction and household equipment. It is also widely used in gardens and lawns.
PVC Clear Hose
PVC Clear Hose is made of brand-new non-toxic PVC material, suitable for temperature -5℃ to 65℃. The product is light, soft, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and has good elasticity. It can return to its original shape after being flattened. The tube is transparent, and the liquid or food flow in the tube can be clearly seen. It can be widely used in industry, agriculture, engineering, The liquid and gas transportation in aquaculture and other fields can also be used as door pin handle sheath, craft gift packaging and children's toy accessory products. The fluid tube has obvious characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and external pressure resistance, and can be suitable for use in different industries such as municipal administration and telecommunications. The raw materials used are environmentally friendly and advanced in equipment. Among them, the special hose for fluid food is made of PVC and environmentally friendly plasticizer, does not contain phthalates and heavy metals, is non-toxic, odorless, and has high transparency. It is easy to confirm the flow of the content, is light and soft, and has strong durability. Good high and low temperature performance, low price, applicable temperature -5-60 degrees Celsius. It can be used to transport beverages, wine, beer, jam and other foods, and is suitable for domestic water. The double transparent fluid tube is a special matching tube for milk production equipment, which can transport high-level liquor. Support a variety of customized specifications. Can guarantee the quality of the pvc clear hose. Corrosion resistance and friction are very small, and these different aspects can extend the overall service life. It can be more convenient in future applications, the purpose is to prevent the interface from being damaged by electric welding, and it can also have the effect of integrity and application during use.
PVC Air Hose
PVC air hose for conveying water, air and oil, also known as multi-purpose hose, multi-purpose air hose, water hose, oil-resistant hose, air delivery hose, pneumatic drill hose, Spray hose, etc. It is designed to achieve long-term good performance in general air, water, oil and light chemical applications. Features: 1, resistance to aging; Temperature range: -5°C to +65°C 2, high pressure: the product has a high burst pressure, can protect the accidental rolling of the vehicle or heavy objects during the operation, effectively avoiding damage to the pipe; 3, soft seasons: the material is added with cold-resistant agent, so that the pipe has good weather resistance, work is handy, freely retractable; 4, good wear resistance: the material of the pipe and its structure determine that the pipe can effectively reduce wear during use; 5, light weight: reduce the fatigue of work, but also reduce wear and tear; 6, The wire is firmly bonded to the inner and outer skins without delamination. The structure is subject to temperature changes with little effect.  Uses: PVC air hose is suitable for compressed air, common industrial water, non-corrosive oil. It is an ideal choice for assembly production lines and installation workshops. It is widely used in automation equipment with air as the main fluid. Pneumatic, pneumatic tools, gas pipeline instruments, mechanical lubrication to transport non-corrosive chemical objects. To maintain a long service life, it must be used at rated working pressure and ambient temperature. Application: PVC air hose has the characteristics of oil resistance, durability, corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance. Applicable to all kinds of pneumatic pneumatic tools for high-pressure air transportation, such as air compressors, gas grinding grinders, wind drills, wind guns and other pneumatic tools, engineering industry blasting air tubes, shipyard hull grinding air tubes Wind belt.
PVC steel wire hose
PVC steel wire hose, also known as PVC steel wire reinforced hose, which has a three-layer pipe structure, two layers of PVC soft plastic inside and outside, and a steel wire reinforced structure in the middle layer, there are steel wire mesh or a spiral steel wire. PVC steel wire hose is also called PVC steel wire reinforced hose, PVC steel wire spiral reinforced hose, PVC steel mesh reinforced hose, PVC steel mesh hose and so on. In fact, it is the modified or reinforced PVC hose that has increased the strength of the steel wire to cause a certain change in the strength, resistance to distortion and quality of the PVC hose. The pvc steel wire hose is a new type of pvc reinforced material, which has a very good improvement in pressure resistance and hardness. The main ones in the steel hose are multiple production methods, among which the main steel wire hose types in the market are high pressure steel wire hose, low pressure steel wire hose, high temperature resistant steel wire hose, low temperature resistant steel wire hose, food grade steel wire increased hose, and antistatic steel wire reinforcement hose, PVC steel fiber composite hose, etc., which are used in different environments. The new pvc steel wire hose is the most widely used product. PVC steel wire hose can be divided into industrial grade hose(specially transporting industrial water, oil, sewage, powder, chemical raw materials, etc.) and food grade hose(food factory transports juice, milk, edible water, winery to transport liquor, beer , etc.) according to the use,. in also used in wind power, suction and drainage, oil, low concentration chemicals and other liquid and solid particles, powder materials. Regardless of the application, the substance itself must be a "non-corrosive" "low concentration chemical" substance. The PVC steel wire hose is a PVC hose with a steel wire frame embedded therein. The inner and outer hoses are transparent, smooth and free of air bubbles, so the fluid transport is clearly visible; low concentration acid and alkali resistance, high elasticity, not easy to age, long service life; high pressure resistance, can maintain the original state under high pressure vacuum. 1. High elasticity, high strength galvanized metal wire, high quality PVC synthetic material; 2. Clear and transparent hose body with good flexibility and small bending radius; 3. High negative pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic materials and long service life; 4. Used in agricultural pump machinery, oil depots, petrochemical equipment, industrial, engineering mines, food manufacturing and other fields of liquids, gases, oils, dust suction. Most working environments can replace rubber hoses. Temperature range: -5°C~+65°C Working pressure: 2-8bar
PVC Layflat Hose
To continue the improvement and enlargment of our product range and to fulfil customers' demand, our technicians have now a new laboratory for the research, development, testing and technical assistance for all products. This new laboratory, is now equipped with all necessary technologies to meet the demanding market conditions. Welcome you to visit our factory.
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Qingdao Eastop Plastic Products Co., ltd. is committed to the manufacture and export of plastic hoses and rubber hoses. Our main products are PVC hoses, industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, hose couplings and clamps, suitable for different materials, such as air, water, oil, gas, powder, granules, etc. Widely used in industry, agriculture, mining and construction. We can meet needs of different customers.
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