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Agricultural PVC High Pressure Spray Hose 6.5mm
Pool Hose
The sewage suction pipe is a 2-inch double-layer self-floating plastic hose with a blue connector at each end. The large diameter is connected with the suction pipe connector, and the small diameter is connected with the suction pump inlet. When sucking dirt, the suction pipe can float on the water surface, effectively preventing the small dirt at the bottom of the pool from being agitated by movement and affecting the dirt suction effect.
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LPG Hose
LPG Hose is a glue and rubber outside with RMA- B high- grade oil resistance , anti-permeability , corrosion pitting  resistant LPG similar gas hose . Apply to the transport of Iiquid or gaseous fuel gas LPG ( Iiquefied petroleum gas ) , MPS(propylene-allene mixture ) , natural gas ( CNG ) , m-ethane ( CH4 ) . Comply with EN559- 2003  ISO2928-2003 GB / T10546-89 compatible 1186- 92. T: Oil resistant NBR synthetic rubber C: Black or orange oil resistant NBR synthetic rubber R: The use of high-strength synthetic fiber weaving or winding reinforcement. WT: -30 ℃-+90 ℃ SF: 3 : 1 Performance: It is resistant to aging and ozone, the pipe body is high pressure, soft, light, good bending performance, small deformation, and the outer pipe is smooth and beautiful. Use: Mainly used for conveying gas from gas stoves in homes
Multipurpose Utility Hose
1. High pressure resistance Multipurpose Utility Hose is a three-glue two-wire structure, with an inner diameter of 8mm and an outer diameter of 14mm, with a length of 30 meters per roll and 100 meters per roll. The two layers of colloid are fused strongly at high temperature, with a working pressure of 20kg and a burst pressure of 60kg. 2. Resistance to aging, oil, acid and alkali Multipurpose Utility Hose adopts a more advanced technology formula, virgin material PVC mixed rubber, completely solved the shortcomings of rubber not resistant to aging, using specially formulated materials, so that the hose has the superior performance of oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance. 3. Low temperature resistance The cold-resistant material is added to the material of Multipurpose Utility Hose, which solves the problem of PVC being brittle and hard at low temperature, so that the pipe has good weather resistance. Working temperature: -20°C~70°C, no cracking at minus 20°C. 4. Good abrasion resistance. Multipurpose Utility Hose has good abrasion resistance. The hose is light in weight, soft, easy to use, and resistant to abrasion. Application: Multipurpose Utility Hose For air & water transfer in industry, construction and machine shop.
PVC Twin Welding Hose
PVC Layflat Hose Assembly
1. PVC Layflat Hose is widely used and easy to use Suitable for agricultural irrigation, forestry irrigation, construction engineering and other fields of drainage 2. Plastic coated hose, soft and elastic Under normal atmospheric pressure, - 6 ℃ PVC layflat hose is still soft Light resistant and heat-resistant material, UV resistant and aging resistant The PVC layflat hose is soft and elastic. It can return to its original shape after being discounted, leaving no trace (it can't crush the water pipe for a long time, which will cause permanent crease to the water pipe) PVC Layflat Hose Assembly 1. The PVC layflat hose helps you connect the layflat hose interface, which saves time and effort, and is convenient and fast 2. The buckle is closely connected with the hose, and the rubber washer is used to prevent water leakage 3., PVC layflat hose made of high quality materials, anti-aging and UV protection. 4. Wear resistant, light and antiskid, making your use easier and more convenient
PVC Air Hose
PVC air hose for conveying water, air and oil, also known as multi-purpose hoses, multi-purpose air hoses, water hoses, oil-resistant hoses, air delivery hoses, pneumatic drill hoses, Spray hoses, etc. It is designed to achieve long-term good performance in general air, water, oil and light chemical applications. Features: 1, resistance to aging; 2, oil resistance: PVC material itself determines the product is oil resistant; 3, high pressure: the product has a high burst pressure, can protect the accidental rolling of the vehicle or heavy objects during the operation, effectively avoiding damage to the pipe; 4, soft seasons: the material is added with cold-resistant agent, so that the pipe has good weather resistance, work is handy, freely retractable; 5, good wear resistance: the material of the pipe and its structure determine that the pipe can effectively reduce wear during use; 6, light weight: reduce the fatigue of work, but also reduce wear and tear; Temperature range: -5°C to +65°C Uses: The PVC air hose is suitable for compressed air, common industrial water, non-corrosive oil. It is an ideal choice for assembly production lines and installation workshops. It is widely used in automation equipment with air as the main fluid. Pneumatic, pneumatic tools, gas pipeline instruments, mechanical lubrication to transport non-corrosive chemical objects. To maintain a long service life, it must be used at rated working pressure and ambient temperature. Application: The PVC air hose has the characteristics of oil resistance, durability, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance. Applicable to all kinds of pneumatic pneumatic tools for high-pressure air transportation, such as air compressors, gas grinding grinders, wind drills, wind guns and other pneumatic tools, engineering industry blasting air tubes, shipyard hull grinding air tubes Wind belt.
Fire hose
Fire hose is a hose used to transport high-pressure water or foam and other flame-retardant liquids. The traditional fire hose is lined with rubber, and the outer surface is wrapped with flax braid. High-quality fire hoses are made of polymer materials such as polyurethane. There are metal joints on both ends of the fire hose. You can connect another rubber hose, polyurethane hose, or PVC fire hose to extend the distance or connect a nozzle to increase the liquid spray pressure. 1 The fabric layer of the hose should be woven evenly, and the surface should be neat; no double warp, broken double warp, weft jump or scratches. 2 The thickness of the hose lining (or covering layer) should be uniform, and the surface should be smooth and flat, without wrinkles or other defects. use: Hose connection: When the fire hose is put on the hose interface, it must be covered with a soft protective object, and then tied with galvanized iron wire or hose clamp. Hose use: When using a fire hose, the high-pressure-resistant hose should be connected to a strong place away from the water pump. The filled hose should be prevented from twisting or sudden bending, and the hose interface should be prevented from collision and damage. Hose laying: When laying the hose, avoid sharp objects and various oils. When laying the hose vertically to a high place, use the hose hook. When laying the hose through the main traffic, the bridge should be protected by a hose , When passing the railway, the hose should pass under the track to prevent the hose from being crushed by wheels and intermittent water supply. Hose cleaning: After the hose is used, it needs to be cleaned. For the foam-carrying hose, the protective rubber layer must be carefully scrubbed. In order to remove the grease on the hose, it can be washed with warm water or soap. For the frozen hose, first melt it and then wash and dry. The hose that has not been dried should not be stored in a roll.
PVC Spray Hose
PVC Spray Hose High pressure PVC spray hoses are mainly used in agricultural spraying pesticides and high pressure cleaners, construction machinery, industrial production of high pressure water, air or other liquids.  High pressure PVC spray hose, air hose, washing machine hose, intermediate braided single-layer or multi-layer wire produced by PVC material, Korean production technology, ensuring strong kneading between layers, and the product is durable. The specifications, length and color of the high pressure spray hose can be produced according to customer requirements. 1.Please make the hose as far as possible when we use the PVC spray hose. Do not tie the hose. 2. Do not touch the fire during use hose to avoid danger. PVC material Using the excellent PVC rubber particles independently developed by ourselves, so we product the pvc spray hose that are different with the similar products from the market. Strong adhesion between inner and outer layers, free bending without creases, no deformation, no delamination More performance Cold, light, transparent and flexible The hose has good weather resistance, it is not soft in summer, it is not hard in winter, and it is easy to handle when working. Operating temperature -5°c to +65°c (+23°f to +149°f) Copper double joint The high quality copper is not rusted on the street, and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, long life and 360 degree rotation. With 2 taps: One internal thread; an external thread.
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