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Pool Hose


Name: 2-inch self-floating sewage suction hose, pool hose
Inner diameter of hose: 50mm
Specification: 10m/roll
Material: PE

The sewage suction hose is a 2-inch double-layer self-floating plastic hose with a blue connector at each end. The large diameter is connected with the suction hose connector, and the small diameter is connected with the suction pump inlet. When sucking dirt, the suction pipe can float on the water surface, effectively preventing the small dirt at the bottom of the pool from being agitated by movement and affecting the dirt suction effect.

The double-layer hose has high hardness, will not be flattened, can float on the water surface and move easily, and will not disturb the small dirt at the bottom of the pool to affect the suction effect.

Combined with other sewage suction equipment, the suction machine can vacuum the swimming and landscape pools and fish ponds under water, which plays an important role in cleaning the bottom of the pool.

Connect the fixed and sealed joint of the sewage suction hose with the sewage suction pump, and connect the rotatable joint with the sewage suction head. Pay attention to the end connected to the sewage suction pump without air leakage, otherwise it will not suck water.

1. High-strength material
Made of high-strength material, anti-ultraviolet, not easy to oxidize, and quality assurance;
2. Splicing joint
Splicing joint design, tight joint, convenient and reliable to use
3. Hose wall corrugated design
Corrugated design It can be retracted and unfolded freely. The hose wall adopts a corrugated design, which is resistant to abrasion, good stretchability, quick and convenient storage, and improves work efficiency.
4. Double-layer thickening of pipe wall
Self-floating dirt absorption, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant
Double-layer thickening, strong hardness, will not be flattened, can float on the water and move easily, will not disturb the dirt at the bottom of the pool and affect the suction effect