PVC Clear Hose

PVC Clear Hose is made of brand-new non-toxic PVC material, suitable for temperature -5℃ to 65℃. The product is light, soft, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, and has good elasticity. It can return to its original shape after being flattened. The tube is transparent, and the liquid or food flow in the tube can be clearly seen. It can be widely used in industry, agriculture, engineering, The liquid and gas transportation in aquaculture and other fields can also be used as door pin handle sheath, craft gift packaging and children's toy accessory products. The fluid tube has obvious characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and external pressure resistance, and can be suitable for use in different industries such as municipal administration and telecommunications. The raw materials used are environmentally friendly and advanced in equipment. Among them, the special hose for fluid food is made of PVC and environmentally friendly plasticizer, does not contain phthalates and heavy metals, is non-toxic, odorless, and has high transparency. It is easy to confirm the flow of the content, is light and soft, and has strong durability. Good high and low temperature performance, low price, applicable temperature -5-60 degrees Celsius. It can be used to transport beverages, wine, beer, jam and other foods, and is suitable for domestic water. The double transparent fluid tube is a special matching tube for milk production equipment, which can transport high-level liquor. Support a variety of customized specifications.

Can guarantee the quality of the pvc clear hose. Corrosion resistance and friction are very small, and these different aspects can extend the overall service life. It can be more convenient in future applications, the purpose is to prevent the interface from being damaged by electric welding, and it can also have the effect of integrity and application during use.


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