Characteristics and applications of PVC and PU steel wire hose

As a hose practitioners, occasionally customers contact: "Hello, I want PVC pipe, temperature 120 ℃, pressure ......", just into the industry will be the customer to take the wrong way, and then gradually familiar with the industry to know, PVC is only so called by customers, they are often also silicone tube, PU tube and even the transparency of Teflon tube also called PVC tube, after all, the tube are so similar, not the industry is difficult to distinguish. Often also silicone tube, PU tube and even high transparency Teflon tube also called PVC pipe, after all, the tube is so similar, not the industry is difficult to distinguish.

Today to popularise the characteristics and applications of PVC and PU steel wire hose!

Steel wire hose according to the structure can be divided into smooth steel wire hose and steel wire winding type two kinds of smooth steel wire hose is more suitable for pressure requirements, liquid type of place, winding type steel wire hose is more lightweight, suitable for ventilation, vacuuming and so on.

Common smooth steel wire hose has PVC steel wire hose and PU steel wire hose two kinds of PVC steel wire hose using transparent PVC material, temperature range: -5 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ (short time up to 70 ℃) General structure: high specification soft PVC, tube wall covered with elastic steel wire.

Characteristics: non-toxic, transparent, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, high pressure resistance, high elasticity; compression resistance, very smooth, good chemical resistance, small bending radius.

Application: Widely used in agriculture, industry, engineering, mines, oil depots, petrochemical equipment, such as liquid, gas, powdery materials transport all kinds of mechanical water transfer connection assembly; factory suction powder end of the raw material delivery pipe; underground piping system suction, sediment transport and so on.

PU steel wire hose is a high-pressure, pumping, conveying water, oil, powder particles of the superb tube. Usually used in factories, agricultural irrigation, coal mines, oil depots, distilleries, food, pharmaceutical and sand pumping, sand blasting equipment suction, discharge and vending machines, ice machines and refrigerators and other equipment supporting.

Characteristics: light, soft, flexible, corrosion-resistant, hydrolysis-resistant, high transparency, non-toxic and odourless, small bending radius, good negative pressure resistance, and can maintain its original shape under vacuum. In the very low temperature can also maintain good flexibility, high strength and long service life.

Commonly used to transport media: food and beverage, oil, water, gas, solid particles. Applicable temperature: -40℃-90℃.

So whether it is PVC or PU, temperature resistance up to 90 ℃, is not possible over a hundred.