Product Details


Size Bandwidth
10-16mm 9.7mm
13-19mm 9.7mm
16-25mm 9.7mm
19-29mm 9.7mm
22-32mm 11.7mm
25-38mm 11.7mm
32-44mm 11.7mm
35-51mm 11.7mm
38-57mm 11.7mm
44-64mm 11.7mm
51-70mm 11.7mm
64-76mm 11.7mm
70-89mm 11.7mm
76-92mm 11.7mm
80-100mm 11.7mm
90-110mm 11.7mm
100-120mm 11.7mm
110-130mm 11.7mm
120-140mm 11.7mm
130-150mm 11.7mm
140-160mm 11.7mm

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